Top Gun provides a complete end-of-life IT equipment solution for hardware decommissioning projects. We manage the secure and ethical recycling of any components which are not reused that exceed industry standards for data and device security, environmental responsibility, and customer care.

Asset Auditing Services

By understanding the equipment’s current use and the corresponding levels of utilization we determine:

  • The systems that could be retired or consolidated
  • The systems that are under performing or require an upgrade
  • The systems you have and their current usage level

Top Gun will work with you to audit your entire IT environment so that you have an accurate record of the assets that are mission critical or can be moved to less expensive support contracts. The full inventory audit report from Top Gun includes the following:

  • OEM, OEM Model, OEM Serial Number and location
  • Mission Critical or Functional Status
  • Component condition, end of service status, end of life status

By knowing exactly what you own you can plan better and assign a value to your assets. You will also be able to accurately estimate returns and residual values should you choose to dispose of any assets.

Asset Recovery and Redundant Hardware Sales

Top Gun will assist with any IT equipment decommissioning projects to discover and securely remove any corporate data.

Redundant hardware retains an intrinsic value. Top Gun will help you reclaim maximum value through resale of unused hardware. Our re-marketing team builds a comprehensive plan to deliver your highest possible return. Our global partners network as well as our own sparing demands helps us re-market the assets for all your sites, regardless of location, ensuring you receive the best possible residual value.


The green data center relies on having an environmentally friendly approach to server decommissioning. Top Gun works with many trusted partners who provide secure and ethical E-waste disposal to ISO 14001 and ERS certification standards.  Top Gun manages E-waste in the most environmentally sustainable manner without compromising data security.

Logistics Management Services

Top Gun asset disposition services include:

  • Asset tagging, inventory bill of materials  development and decommissioning
  • Pallet packaging,  secure pick up and transportation to re-cycling center
  • Secure on-boarding including documentation of actual date, arrival date, actual number of pallets, pallet weights and waste type.

Each re-cycling center maintains the chain of custody to prevent loss or theft in transit which is verified with the Bill of Lading.